Prue Biddle

Prue’s inspiration for her contemporary precious metal jewellery is always on the move but never strays far from simple uncluttered lines. Her continuing love affair with wave forms finds new expression with her recent fascination with texture, often mixing metals and finishes to achieve widely varied effects.

Prue’s way of working, making every piece by hand rather than casting routinely, makes her work highly individual and collectable. Series of pieces follow a particular design idea such as the ‘Hedge’ series, inspired by a sculptural method of hedge-laying.

Brought up on a dairy farm in rural Somerset, Prue has travelled widely and lived in Sydney for many years.

She started to make jewellery from found objects whilst travelling and is mainly self-taught although she has attended a number or specialist courses. Prue lives in a beautiful Somerset village with her husband, watercolour artist Moish Sokal, and their daughter, Rachel, who also makes jewellery.


Prue’s Work