Pauline Watson

Ceramics – Pottery

Ceramic Sculpture

I make individual sculptural pieces, often inspired by forms in nature, along with their related colours and surface textures.  Boats, sails and architectural form have also been inspirational sources.

I produce series of pieces around such sources or a theme.  The large stem bowls were inspired by an extraordinary mid 1700’s Woad Dye Recipe book. Their decorated surfaces incorporate abstract references to the visual elements in this aged book; such as sepia copper plate writing, coloured wool samples and the crisp fractured edges and fold of the pages themselves. The series of slip cast pieces are individual, made in both Bone China and Earthenware clay, and are based on Chinese Sung dynasty ceramic forms and 15th century Blue and White Porcelain. All are glazed on the inside to contrast with the exterior and some have contrasting touches of blue.