Heidi Warr

Ceramics – Pottery

Heidi creates individually hand built and hand thrown earthenware vessels and decorates each piece using traditional methods, for example, fine slip- trailing, sgraffito, incising and various brush and masking techniques using layers of under- glaze colours, stains  and oxides and the careful detailed application of lustre.  Each stage of decoration is a lengthy meticulous process, creating complex intricate patterns and designs.  Some of these methods date back hundreds of years and she feels it is important to keep these traditions alive.  She constantly seeks to take design and construction techniques in new directions.

Her ceramic designs have been very well received by collectors, galleries and museums.  She has been Artist in residence at the Art Antiques London Houghton Fair and exhibited works at BADA  ( the British Antiques Dealer Association Fair) and many other places at home and internationally, including WMODA (Weiner Museum of Decorative Arts in Miami, Florida)

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