David Brown

Ceramics – Pottery

All  his  life, David  has been fascinated by the sea. More accurately, where the land meets the sea and is constantly affected by it. Rocks, which have been laid down and perhaps uplifted or folded for millenia are exposed in cliff faces, constantly reformed by waves and wind to reveal hidden secrets, such as ancient fossils or the effects of erosion and time.

His pots are more abstract or symbolic, rather than copies of such phenomena. he aims to give hints rather than full explanations, which leaves you, the viewer, the opportunity to interpret and read into the forms whatever you may, in your own various ways.

In the making of his work, he employs a whole range of techniques, including throwing, turning and altering, pressing, slabbing and coil building. He also impresses, pierces or applies clay and sometimes add other materials to the clay.

All the pieces are fired twice in electric kilns. The first firing (biscuit) is to convert the clay to ceramic and to facilitate glaze application. This firing is to 1000 degrees, after which he applies glazes, colours or metal oxides. These may be dipped, poured or sponged, brushed and wiped or (rarely) sprayed. The pieces are then subjected to their second firing, which is to 1250 degrees, sufficient to render the clay non-porous, which gives it great strength.

Glazes, which were grey when applied, now emerge as beautiful blues and turquoise. Glass, placed as fragments in the bottom of bowls, has totally melted and fused with the clay to form exquisite pools. The textures will have been developed in various ways, due to the type of glaze and the interaction between different glazes.

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