Colin Clements

Wood – Wood Carving


  Carved Birds

  After learning woodcarving under the ecclesiastical wood carver Tom Preater in the 80’s, Colin specialised in carving birds.  He concentrates mostly on species found in the garden; robins, wrens and blackbirds, or in the countryside; wagtails, tree creepers and long-tailed tits.

The woods used are native hardwoods such as Walnut, Yew, Brown Oak, Spalted Beech and Lacewood with occasional exotics like Zebrano and Bubinga.  They are often chosen to echo the character of the bird.  The finished carvings are mounted on bases of fossilised Mopani root from South Africa as the hard, rugged surface of this ancient wood contrasts beautifully with the smooth contours of the birds.   Increasingly, Colin also uses native woods such as Cherry or Birch as a mount.