Chris Tipple

Furniture Maker

My background is as an Architect and my working life has been in construction. A recent decision to change direction resulted in completing a City and Guilds course in Furniture Design and Manufacture at Bridgwater College, to develop and hone my self-taught carpentry skills. I now indulge in my passion for working with wood; from the conception and development of an idea, turning a piece of wood into a beautiful heirloom.

“Form follows function” is my simple guiding principle. When making a chair, comfort is the overriding criteria and detail is determined by the ergonomic requirements; however not at the expense of beauty. Functionality and beauty must succeed for the design to succeed.

Wood is mostly locally sourced “green” and either used green, air dried or dried in my own designed “solar powered convection kiln”. I avoid using “exotic” imported wood whether or not from a sustainable source.