Anne Whittlesey & David Wilson

Ceramics – Pottery

David Wilson

Trained at Manchester Polytechnic in the late seventies, I spent 3 years working at Kolonyama Pottery Lesotho, South Africa.On returning to England, worked in several potteries, before joining Winchcombe Pottery in 2000, worked alongside Ray Finch for 12 years, before moving to Somerset to establish Westend Pottery alongside my partner. A strong sense of form and rhythm have always been a major part of my work. A love of function and decoration a reflection perhaps, of my training in the Cardew/Finch tradition and the years I spent in Africa.

Anne Whittlesey

Trained at Croydon College of Art and Design, I have worked in several potteries, making a range of production thrown pots, more recently working at Winchcombe Pottery for 5 years. Ray Finch, then in his nineties was still producing many wonderful pots and was a great inspiration. I moved to Somerset in 2012 setting up Westend Pottery with my partner, producing mainly functional ware, plus some individual decorative pieces. I enjoy the use of altered forms and surface texture decoration usually applied to pots while still on the wheel.