Alicia Merrett


Colour fascinates me, and texture complements it. For some years my main work was interpreting maps, real or imaginary, in my textile medium.  I believe maps are an ancient and important part of mankind’s need to understand the world. More recently I have moved onto designing my textiles digitally: I start with one of my own ‘paintings’ or photographs, and put them through a variety of computer-base processes. The resulting design, usually abstract, is printed on fabric, layered and stitched. Colour and texture remain still my main way of expression.

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Lines in the Landscape

(The river Parrett twisting its way towards Bridgwater Bay)

18” x 36”

My Home Patch (Wells)

18” x 36”

Spacetime Geographies #2 (Wells)

18” x 36”

Digital Work

The Colours of Nature

24” x 36”


26” x47”