Brigitte Baxter


I found in the art and craft of “Illumination” a way to express my love of medieval art.   This attraction became passion over the years.  I try to stay true to the traditional according to recipes improved by Scribes and Monks in the West from the 10thcentury and which stopped with Gutenberg; these techniques inherited from the Egyptian or the Persian artists were epitomized in the Christian world until the Renaissance and the Gilding techniques have been kept intact since. I only work on parchment (goatskin, calf or lamb).

I put gold leaf on a bite that I prepare myself according to medieval recipes and I paint with natural pigments in tempera with egg white.  The examples shown in the gallery can inspire you to create a custom made design with your gilded initials and those of your loved ones, or a scroll depicting the arms of your family or your county or a special event which you want remembered for a long time.